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In our journeys to be positive it always helps to have media on our side to inspire and guide us; to keep us on the right track. We welcome any positive media influences that you would like to share with us and that we, in turn, can share with everyone else. 


Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui
by Karen Kingston

This book is for anyone who ever feels bogged down by having too much stuff, too much clutter, not enough space, or just feels like the energy in their home is stagnant; isn’t flowing freely and happily.  I personally gained a great deal from this book and recommended it to anyone who seemed interested.  Now I recommend it to you as a guide in your quest to get or stay organized, remove extra or random things from your space, and feel better about where you live and who you are.  This book covers clutter-clearing from all angles using Feng Shui techniques that are easy to understand, follow, and to practice clearing your physical, emotional and mental clutter today and feel like a weightless, motivated, cleansed you tomorrow.


Love Actually (R): This fun and heart-warming film actually became better with each viewing.  Possibly because each time the viewer can pick up on new feelings or relate to a different story. There's wonderful use of “full circle:” the movie begins by beautifully narrowing in on a collection of people experiencing various dimensions of love. The ending places each story back into broader concepts. Both serious and silly at times, it is a tear-jerker for many; get out that tissue, just in case! Happy and fun, it aslo addresses some real, complicated grey areas of life and love—it even touches the darker sides—and yet the viewer is helped to understand, amidst all life throws our direction, there is an abundance of love, all around, if we are indeed open to see it, face it, experience, and know it.


Ishmael: An adventure of the Mind and Spirit
by Daniel Quinn 

If you are interested at all in a creatively written novel that clearly discusses different cultures and how they relate to each other, Ishmael is for you.  One may find a great number of future great steps mankind can take to bring about a positive change to the wonderful world; to start we can learn about steps individuals can embark on daily in the pursuit of a peaceful existance. This great work is part of a trilogy. Also check out The Story of B and My Ishmael. And yes, there is hope for all...


I Heart Huckabees

This movie is great for anyone who has ever struggled with an existential dilemma!  It is a comedy with a fun and warming cast.  Although it may be a little more "out there" than what we are used to seeing from hollywood, there is tremendous take-home value.  The casting was wonderfully appropriate; they play their roles as the reality they live.  Thought provoking and entertaining, it is appropiate for a lighter look at the existential dilemma, the struggles we all go through to some degree in our lives, and also for pearls of wisdom viewers can choose to take and use in the formation of their next reality, current reality, reality.  Period.  Without saying too much, all I can say is it was a wonderful lesson in my spiritual journey. 

Happy Viewing!


What the Bleep Do We Know!? In this experimental documentary, objective sceince is brought in to shed light on the real reality--the fact that we are not mere observers of life as we know it. Rather, science can show that we actually do create our personal reality through the choisces we make. And, science can also show how our choices reflect the reality of others as well. The movie couples powerful complex messages with a captivating and entertaining storyline that draws on striking imagery to present a unique and profound commentary on the way life works. We were thrilled by the authentic presentation of the facts as people who believe in the interconnectedness of people and our environments and the importance of appreciating these connections.


Friday Night Lights receives our suggestion in honor of Father's. The movie is based on a true story about the exciting, challenging '88 football season in a west Texas town. Beyond the familiar thrills of the sport, the story is a powerful reminder of the old adage—it's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game. Can you look yourself and your teammates in the eyes and say truthfully that you did your very best? The head coach, diverse squad, the Dads and old players show us the full spectrum of what it means to have clear, good intentions as a person and as a member of any team in life.

Groundhog Day is, as with most movies we review, entertaining on several levels.  In this 1993 hit, Bill Murry is a not-so-nice, not-so-happy, middle-aged man that happens to get stuck in a not-so-good day over and over again.  An entertainingly painful experience wakes up viewers to the fact that until we change our attitudes and make something different happen for ourselves, nothing will really change or improve.  It beatifully shows how we truly manipulate our lives, surroundings and situations.  One day is not destined to be one particular way.  We do have control.  Unfortunately, we don't have as many chances as Murry with each day.  Life really is what we want to make of it.

We look forward to hearing from you soon;
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