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Welcome to our source of positive world news, moving towards a more peaceful future!  Our goal is to develop into a grand source of positive energy through stories and projects of hope and insiration, rather than those so commonly seen of fear and sadness.

What we focus on becomes our reality.  This website features positive stories and reviews, positive steps and products, books and movies.  Our site is totally geared towards creating a focus that will make the world a more peaceful place.  Aren't you inspired when someone shares a story that is uplifting and positive?  When someone does a good deed, those affected, both directly and indirectly, are more compelled to commit similar acts.  And all it takes is one positive step to start a whirlwind of steps.  This is a venue that will both provide you, the readers, with positive news while simultaneously acting as a venue for you to share and express positive news.  We encourage you to explore our site and provide any feedback!  Something is bound to make you smile.  Let us help each other in our journeys to happier, more positive, and peaceful existences. Want to learn more about Positive Pace? We would love to share: Click Here! 

"We don't live in a world of reality, we live in a world of perceptions." -Gerald J. Simmons.
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Home | Projects | Positive Steps | Positive People | Positive Media | Positive Products

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